Choose a foundry with a longer OEM period

The electronic factory was established with a long period of time. E-cigarettes are the nexus for vape supplier raising awareness of research and technology. A digital cigarette OEM who has no time to negotiate, the actual combat experience in the industry is not unique enough, and there will be different defects, which may also be the trigger for unsmooth cooperation. It is difficult for a foundry without diversion of energy to ensure production capacity, customer service capabilities and other cohesive solutions.

An important condition for viewing the creativity of large and small production facilities. The greater the generation level, the stronger the strength and capability of the manufacturer, and the stronger the cooperation confidence. Proficient in the key technologies of electronic cigarettes and a production line with certain manufacturing capabilities, it can provide a one-stop service for many companies in the market. Some small factories do not have full qualifications, and some even often do not have the relevant skills. These products tend to present significant top quality and protection risks,

When choosing a cooperating e-cigarette factory, you should inspect the factory to understand the factory, surface location, factory level, etc., and judge whether it has energy according to these external conditions.

Look at the R&D strength of the factory

The core competitiveness of electronic cigarette factories in research and development capabilities, especially the research and development of electronic cigarettes, contains a large number of technical content materials and several raw meal formulations, and high undefined technologies complement each other. Visit a manufacturer's R&D center or laboratory and you'll immediately see its R&D prowess.

Manufacturers with good R&D and procurement have abundant funds, many talents, complete equipment, large scale, many independent patents, excellent digital construction, and solid innovation and R&D functions. Many dealers seek e-cigarette production facilities not only to route their specific offer, but to meet local customer needs. In fact, it is hoped that the production line can process and customize electronic cigarette products according to the specifications of their own customers.